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Abbott, Abbott Fund and Partners In Health (PIH) built the new Nourimanba Production Facility, located in Corporant, Haiti. Download this image or all images.


Abbott and Partners In Health/Zanmi Lasante (PIH/ZL) experts worked with a local team to design, build and equip the new facility. Pictured here reviewing construction plans are Abbott Senior Engineer Louis Redmond (left) and ZL Construction Manager Brucely Joseph (right). Download this image or all images.


Nourimanba is a life-saving treatment for severe malnutrition in children. Pictured here, a mother feeds Nourimanba to her child in a clinic in Haiti. Download this image or all images.


At the new facility, a ZL team produces Nourimanba using modern technology designed to meet international standards for food products. Download this image or all images.


Before being sent to local clinics, every batch of Nourimanba is extensively tested to ensure quality and safety. Download this image or all images.


Nourimanba is a ready-to-use therapeutic food product that is comprised of only five ingredients: peanuts, milk powder, canola oil, sugar and vitamins. Download this image or all images.


Peanuts come off a conveyor in the new facility. All peanuts used in production are sourced from local farmers. Download this image or all images.


A pilot program is providing support for 300 local farmers to improve the quality and quantity of the peanut supply needed for the new facility, while increasing farmer incomes. Download this image or all images.


Peanuts grown on nearby farms are loaded for delivery to the new Nourimanba Production Facility. Download this image or all images.


President Bill Clinton, founder of the Clinton Foundation, visited the Partners In Health Nourimanba facility on March 10th with a delegation that included leading companies, NGOs and well-known chefs, Mario Batali and José Andrés. The visit was part of a tour focused on improving agricultural and economic development in Haiti. After receiving a tour of the new facility, President Clinton praised the impact the plant would have on fighting childhood malnutrition in Haiti. Download this image or all images.